Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Resolutions, 2006

"I invite my partner in this initiative and sounding board for all things literary, Mutt Ploughman, to post on some of what he'd like to see for the blog in 2006." - Duke, see below

Thus summoned, the gauntlet forcibly hurl'd, I now contribute what "I'd like to see" on the blog, which to me means more like "what I'd like to post for YOU to see". In the year 2006 on this blog, you can expect from Mutt, if you're looking, the following:

1. Continuous entries charting the development of my new fiction project, and the writing thereof when it begins, in the feature titled 'Journal of a "Novel"'. Entry #4 is coming soon.

2. More posts concerning spiritual reading, which I plan to increase my efforts toward in the year ahead. Right now as I am reading the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, I plan to post on that some time soon. But, they will not be ambitious analyses: they will be journal-esque in nature, musings prompted by the readings, etc.

3. Continued commentary on books read throughout the year. Since I average around 40 per year, I will probably post frequently on books I'm reading, but certainly not on every book read. Look for commentary on Dickens' 'Martin Chuzzlewit' in a few weeks.

4. Comments and reactions to Duke's exceptionally enriching series, his Poem of the Week feature. This is an excellent poetry series which I highly recommend to those who don't want to read the long posts on here, but do want to take a few morsels of the best stuff on this proverbial plate, so to speak, from time to time.

5. In general, I hereby resolve to read as many books as possible, to write as often as possible and as well as I can throughout 2006, insofar as I am not neglecting the Lord, my beautiful wife or my two precious, adorable daughters.

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