Thursday, June 29, 2006

Interesting follow-up to the last 2 posts...

I came across a short item today that I thought would be worth posting/sharing, as it relates to the last two posts on this blog... it certainly speaks to "the impact of a novel" and the effect one can have on people's thinking or even (as the case may be) a society and nation in general. In addition to that, the novel it speaks of was (and is) famous for its ability to get its readers to think about social justice issues... in this case, the conditions that poor workers sometimes are forced to endure when performing a task that no one else wants to perform, yet we all expect to be done.

The New Atlantis, an excellent journal and science, ethics and technology that I have mentioned on this site before, features the following appreciation of Upton Sinclair's most famous work, The Jungle, marking the 100th anniversary of its publication. I encourage all TST readers to check it out. It's brief, but worth the time.

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