Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Journal of a "Novel"-Entry 21

Chapter 1 of Mutt's Novel is Complete in Draft

My first chapter, titled "Sweet Music, Pretty Flowers" is now in the books! Or in the book, singular, perhaps. Of course, it's only the first draft of the chapter, I need to do some editing and rewriting to get it into some kind of shape. But I just felt it was worth nothing. Now that I have a Prologue and a Chapter 1 written, this novel is officially on its way. Of course, I do have the minor problem of Chapter 2 looming before me, and every subsequent chapter after that. Furthermore, since this one took weeks to write, you can see how painstaking this process is going to be.

Chapter 1 will not be posted on this blog, nor will any of the other chapters. Although I may succumb to the temptation to post a brief excerpt or two as the writing continues. For the three consistent readers of this blog, of which I am 1/3, I am sure this will come as heartbreaking news, but since those will be the three people that possibly will purchase the novel when it hits bookstores (and maybe my parents would pick up a copy) they'll just have to suck it up and wait for the big release.

No other news to report on the novel front, but I just felt like this milestone ought to be marked.

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