Saturday, February 09, 2008

TST is Back... and Nationwide!

Well, not really. That was just a lame homage to classic ZZ Top. I once had a job as a janitor cleaning schools during the summer vacations, and for some reason the "soundtrack" of those days for me is loaded with vintage, before-my-time ZZ Top, from the period when their albums were still being released with Spanish titles: stuff like "Cheap Sunglasses," "I'm Bad (I'm Nationwide)," "I Thank You" and of course, who could forget, "Jesus Just Left Chicago." I'm talking way before the "Sharp Dressed Man," "Gimme All Your Lovin'," "Legs" days.

Whatever. The point is, we ARE back, after at least a months' worth of technical issues, delays, and the usual craziness of life as working, young-children-raising family men.

As you can see, The Secret Thread has received a bit of an upgrade: at least, we hope it's an upgrade. We're still working out the kinks of the new template here, but in general it should be a bit easier to read and more pleasant to the eye.

But the same great content (if you're going to laugh, laugh here!) will continue... coming up soon, Mutt will provide and extended review and offer up some reflections on the spectacle that is U23D (U2's 3D concert film that is currently playing in IMAX theaters across the U.S.). And I'm planning on ringing in with another list, just for the fun of it: my Top 10 Road Novels of all time. So, please keep on stopping by... and enjoy the ride!

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