Monday, March 05, 2007


Our thousands of readers have likely noticed by now the scarcity of posts and updates on The Secret Thread recently. Well, all I can do is sum it up in this simple, two-word phrase: life intervenes! Personally, I’ve been mired down in a number of major projects at my work that have prevented me from ringing in lately… and with Mutt, forget about it! He’s attempting to do what I stumbled through in the summer of 2005: switch jobs, buy a house and relocate an entire family with children, all at the same time! (And just to make it even more fun, when I was doing it we decided to throw in the delivery of a brand new baby and the selling of our old house in there as well.) That right there is enough to drive any man insane. It brings to mind this famous passage (famous at least to the founders of this blog anyway) from Stephen Wright’s tour de force novel Going Native – a description we’ve always thought was gut-bustingly hilarious of a man (owner of a small-time motel) trying to juggle too many competing responsibilities and thoughts at one time:

The basic problem, as ever, was holding it all together in his head -- the guests, the employees, the paperwork, the family -- as if he were this ludicrous white-faced buffoon balancing on a bulbous red nose a towering superstructure of tables and chairs while being pelted by gaily colored tennis balls and rich cream pies as a barking seal attempted to scale the teetering for the set of bicycle horns at its peak to peck out with glistening mammalian snout, for the edification and entertainment of the adoring upturned mob, a recognizable rendition of "Pop Goes the Weasel."

Whoo boy… cracks me up every time! Anyway, we’ve basically both been totally snowballed with work and family responsibilities and have had trouble keeping up… but soon I will be posting again and kick-starting the engines. The reading and film-viewing has continued on unabated of course (as the side column has shown), and to paraphrase Dylan Thomas paraphrasing an Irish folk tale, “we’d be damned fools if it didn’t.”

We shall return soon… never fear! Can anyone else hear the collective sigh of relief of thousands of blog readers across the country??

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