Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different.....

(The following is a very short and extremely apocolyptic story I uncovered in my parents' house. According to a handwritten note by my mother, it was written by me in the Spring of 1979, when I would have been eight years old. Note the conclusion which would make Roger Waters proud!!! The story is presented here unedited. - M. P.)


It was a sunny day in New York. An explorer found 5 huge eggs! He gasped. Soon it was in the paper, "Five Huge Eggs Sighted". One day severel people were taking pics of the huge eggs. Suddenly, the eggs hatched! The people could not believe their eyes! Giant flying Gargoyles came flying out! Thier planet sent them down, already grown in five huge eggs! One of the gargoyles wrecked apart a factory with it's claws. Everything started blowing up in the factory. Machine guns fired. Suddenly, a roar rung out. They tore apart the city. They smashed the people. Soon the city got desserted.

The End.

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Duke Altum said...

Bracing apocalyptic vision by an 8-year-old Mutt Ploughman... "G.F.G." sounds like an Anthrax instrumental or something -- and they were operating on more or less the same grade level too!

I have to say I loved the newspaper headline: "FIVE HUGE EGGS SIGHTED."

This was obviously Mutt's early attempt at a sort of "War of the Worlds" for a postmodern age...