Thursday, August 11, 2005

JJL to Publish for the Second Time

My better half, i.e. writer Jude Joseph Lovell, has informed me of the upcoming publication of his feature profile on singer-songwriter Bill Mallonee in the upstart West Coast literary journal Rock & Sling (Fall 2005 issue), his second nonfiction work to be published. The profile is entitled 'Lonesome Traveler: Bill Mallonee's Flair for the Cathartic' and features reviews of the singer's solo albums from 2001-2005, book-ended by accounts of two live performances. The profile was a total of seven months in the writing and revising, and Jude tells me he's very gratified to know his work will be published for the second time. Small stuff, but these writer types have to start somewhere. 'At this rate,' Jude jokes, having had his previous essay published in 2002, 'look for my collected prose in approximately 45 years'. Not sure where you might find a print copy of Rock & Sling, unless you live in and around Seattle, and it's not yet clear if the article will appear on the journal's web site (link soon on the right side of this page).

For the uninitiated, you'll want to check out Jude's piece: Bill Mallonee is one of the most interesting and honest singer-songwriters around. He writes from a Catholic-Christian perspective, but is unpretentious and candid - he does not preach. Mallonee led the underground cult classic rock-folk band Vigilantes of Love for more than a decade, and since 2002 he has been a solo artist. Check him out at and if you need more convincing, see if you can get a hold of Jude's article in the Fall. Or contact him and he will try to send you a copy.

Jude dedicates his article to his two children and to 'the ragged ones'......

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RuNning Bookworm said...

Joining the party...

The creators of 'Secret Thread' might guess who's blogging in here...I'm also new to this blog-phenomenon. I'm not even sure what it means, is it a noun or verb, and should "blog" be entered in the newest edition of Webster's Dictionary? My goal: to use the word "blog" as many times as humanly possible during my first "blog."
I am an avid reader and like to think I have excellent taste in all things literary. I too, have often participated from across the miles in Mutt and Duke's "what are you into?" discussions. This is one great idea that I support wholeheartedly!
Furthermore, let me say this now to all my readers: Jude J. Lovell is a writer to watch. I have read many of his previous stories, essays, and long works. I am thrilled to hear he's publishing again this fall and will be watching out for the next edition of 'Rock & Sling' (hilarious title, by the way).
I am immersed right now in a saga maybe many people have read. I like to bounce from genre to genre, as an aside, and my previous book was Sherman Alexie's 'Reservation Blues' (which I highly recommend to fans of the film 'Smoke Signals') so I didn't want anything Native American. I went Australian with Colleen McCullough's 'The Thorn Birds.' A friend recommended it saying it was her favorite book. So far, it has all the makings of a saga.
This blogger plans to put her two cents in frequently to 'Secret Thread' since she is close friends with the creators. Welcome to cyberspance, Mutt and Duke-great to have you, and let the discussion continue!