Thursday, August 11, 2005

Two interesting book reviews to check out

There are two new book reviews on the Guardian UK book page, which I found to be of interest... one for Jonathan Lethem's The Disappointment Artist (hilarious cover art!!), and one for Michael Cunnigham's Specimen Days.

Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn was an interesting and inventive book, and I know Mutt has read at least Gun, With Occasional Music as well. I know because I gave him that one... as for the second, I've never read him before, but this genre-blending book sounds creative and ambitious.

Click on the link for the Guardian (UK) book page to the right here to read the reviews. Not life-changing, but both books certainly sound like a departure from the ordinary... normally I preserve a healthy skepticism for "critic's darlings" like Lethem and Cunningham, but these books look intriguing.

Pax Christi,
Duke Altum

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